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C4 Challenge #18 - Connection

C4 Challenge #18 - Connection

Part II

As promised here is part two, in a series of three episodes, where my wife and I answer a bunch of questions on relationships. Borrowing from my wife’s description at slowdownfarmstead, “in this episode we chat about boundaries, unhealthy relationships, evolving relationships with children as they grow, finding time for each other when kids are small and a ton more thing’s I’ve forgotten. Hope you all find a few helpful nuggets in what we share”.

Enjoy your week men!

The Forbidden Book. Wood engraving by M Klinkicht. 1876.

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the doer of deeds
the doer of deeds Podcast
Where have the real, authentic men gone? Hard times are upon us. It is time to challenge yourself to forge character, connection, contribution, and capacity to honourably serve life, your beloveds, and your community. Join me and become "a man among men"
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