I believe in handshakes, work ethic, hard fun, merit, and respect that is earned. My word is my honour.

I am not into social media and the artificiality of quick hit dopamine from “likes”. Rather, I am using this platform to provide insight into who I am, how to craft your day with intention, live vibrantly in unison with the harsh realities of life, deepen your connection with your beloveds, cultivate authentic health of body/heart/mind/soul, become “a man among men”, and live a life worth living.

These humble lessons, principles, and values of character, contribution, connection, and capacity (C4) that will be portrayed have been earned over a lifetime. I am a devoted and adoring husband to an incredible woman, loving father to three amazing grown daughters, a military veteran (25 years) with operational deployments and expertise in reconnaissance/parachuting/small unit tactical leadership, PTSD survivor, bereaved parent with the death of our youngest daughter, dedicated homesteader, and medical doctor specializing in emergency/resuscitation/tactical medicine.

Ready to challenge yourself to become a doer of deeds and live honourably in service to life? I haven’t figured it all out, but I know these humble things to be true. Here’s my example…

If my example resonates with you, I will soon invite long conversation through old school, in person, face-to-face conversations or telephone calls with fully personalized and customized C4 Challenge Programs tailored specifically to you and your needs. There will also be periodic invitations for full 1-2 day, in-person “C4 Immersions” where our community of men can gather and continue to evolve, empowered, earning lives worth living. More to follow shortly.

For all interview inquiries and media proposals, I can be contacted at troy@thedoerofdeeds.com

Please note that as much as I would like to answer personal emails, I cannot. My screen time is tightly managed. However, I do endeavour to answer all comments on my posts in a timely fashion.

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Where have the real, authentic men gone? Hard times are upon us. It is time to challenge yourself to forge character, connection, contribution, and capacity to honourably serve life, your beloveds, and your community. Join me and become "a man among men"


Devoted husband, adoring father, bereaved parent, true friend, military veteran, dedicated homesteader, and PTSD survivor. I am a doer of deeds in service to life and crafting a life well lived. This is my humble example of what I know to be true.
Husband and father of two boys. CAF Veteran: 1st and 3rd PPCLI, SAR Tech CEO CTOMS Inc.